Eagle Exploration, Inc. offers low impact geophysical shot hole drilling to help reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We utilize zero footprint track vehicles, heli-portable drills and other drilling equipment in different weights & sizes that can be used in various terrain & drilling conditions. 


Our services include:

   ♦  Drilling (Conventional & Stakeless)
   ♦  Man Portable Drills
   ♦  Acquisition with iSeis Sigma Recorder
   ♦  Air / Water Combination
   ♦  Zero Footprint Track Vehicles
   ♦  Hole Plugging
   ♦  Powdermen
   ♦  Explosives
   ♦  2-D & 3-D

Eagle Exploration, Inc. has the following permits & licenses:

   ♦  ATF Explosives License
   ♦  DOT Licensed



Eagle Exploration, Inc. has the following insurance in place:


   ♦  Workers' Compensation

   ♦  General Liability

   ♦  Automobile